Website Creator

Making it easy for you to build your home on the web.

Our website creator makes building a website simple. It's as easy as opening the website creator (SiteStudio), choosing a template, inputing your content and pictures, and publishing with simple click of a button. No need to know about coding or designing (although it never hurts to learn!).

EZ Install Applications

Expanding the possibilities for your website

An amazing collection of applications is available for you to install on your website, like creating blogs, setting up a on online store, running a professional website for your business, and more. There are over 330 great applications to choose from. All of the applications in the collection can be easily installed from within your hosting account with a few clicks and on screen prompts. Very easy to install. Very easy to impress your website visitors.

Website Control Panel

Managing your own account is a beautiful thing.

The website control panel was developed to work specifically with website hosting. Easily manage your websites, email accounts, and databases. Monitor disk usage and website traffic. You can even make payments and set up recurring billing. All from one easy to use central portal.

Enough Space For Your Website

Website space. More than you'll need. Your own website hosting includes plenty of space to store your website files, images, emails, and databases. And to top it off, we'll throw in plenty of bandwidth so your website can easily handle the traffic from everyone who visits. No "unlimited" gimmicks here. Just what you need.


Your own email to go with your own website.

Email services such as mailboxes with support for POP3, IMAP, and SMTP, mail redirects, mail aliases, and mail lists. Mail accounts with support for POP3, IMAP, SMTP. All foreign sounding terms, but all included. We even offer a premium Anti-spam and Anti-virus service, which you can easily enable for your email accounts, and will give your email account the protection it deserves.

SiteStudio Website Builder

SiteStudio makes website building simple. It's as easy as opening SiteStudio, choosing a template, inputting your content and pictures, and publishing with simple click of a button. No need to know about coding or designing (although it never hurts to learn!)

EZ Install Apps

Web Application Installations Made Easy
With the click of your mouse, you can easily install popular apps on your website, such as Wordpress (for blogging), Joomla (website content), and Opencart (online store/shopping cart).

(Screen shot of available apps) plus many more See all


Email Features/Services

Your Own Website

With everything you'll need.

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