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Hello everyone, 

Today we made a huge step forward with a few substantial upgrades which you should begin to notice immediately.  We did this by upgrading hosting plans to SSD's which are roughly ten times faster than before. Also, we rolled out PHP 7 to all servers and hosting plans (IF you host a theme or site that requires a prior version you will need to downgrade. See below for details.) 

We now have moved to a new data center we use that has a lot more scalability, better hardware and offers a plethora of other features. 

This update is the first step towards providing you the best hosting possible. 

*If you need to downgrade PHP go to domains>click your website>Web Service>PHP Advanced then where it says "PHP Mode: PHP version 7.0" click the icon next to it and select the version you need, which will likely be 5.6.

If you have any questions you can contact support at our help desk at