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Streaming MP3 files
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An Extended Step-by-Step Tutorial
Create a text file. We will use Notepad in this tutorial, but you can use any text editor to create the file.
Open Notepad by going to Start>Programs>Accessories>Notepad.
Add the following line in Notepad:
Save the file. Go to File>Save. Enter yourfile.m3u as the name of the file.
Upload the mp3 and m3u files to your website space.
This is done using an FTP program . We will use WS FTP for this example. If you do not have an FTP program, go to and search for WS FTP. Download and install the program.
Launch WS FTP.
If this is your first time using WSFTP, you'll need to configure it using the information sent to you in your welcome email.
Configuring WSFTP Watch Movie
Note: Your ftp information can also be found in your Hsphere control panel under "FTP/User Accounts" in the left column menu. The ftp host name, username, passwd will be the same for all your domains, since they are under one account. The only difference will be the directory to upload to, which is (substitute your domain name for your

Once you have configured WSFTP, it's time to connect and upload your files. .mp3 file needs to be uploaded in Binary format (usually the default format). .m3u file needs to be upload in ASCII format. If unsure how to upload your files, or you don't know what Binary or ASCII means, then click below for a video on uploading your files.

Uploading with WSFTP Watch Movie
Ok, so the files are uploaded, now what?
The last step is to make a link to the .m3u file in your page.
Link the .m3u file to any image or text you specify on your page.

Image: <a href="yourfile.m3u"><img src="image_name"></a>
Text: <a href="yourfile.m3u">Click here to listen to our song!!</a>

This is done using the web editor you used to build your site.

That's it!!
When a visitor clicks on this link, their media program starts (in most cases Windows Media Player or Quicktime). Upon spawning the player, the media program reads the location of the mp3 file from the .m3u file. The player then accesses and plays the file as it is being downloaded, in real time.


Comments (3)
bd downloadz
18 February 2011 05:10 AM
i have uploaded a player.swf to my blog and i m uploading my mp3 files to a upload site named how will i play the mp3 files to my blog post with the uploading url...... please ans me as soon as possible.
28 February 2011 12:31 PM
the player.swf needs to know which files to play most likely using a configuration file.
Inside that file you would enter the complete URL to the .mp3 files and then it should play them.
CarolJoy Evans
14 April 2012 03:25 AM
Is there a way for music to start automatically when someone enters my site? Also, will wma files work? I uploaded a wma file and added the text to my opening page, but nothing happened. Thank you for your help.
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