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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the username/password for both the Hosting Control Panel and the Domain Manager the same?

In most cases, they will not be the same, since each are managed by different software systems.


My email address you have on file in my hosting account or on my whois record is no longer valid. How can I get this changed if I can't log in?

If your email address is no longer valid, you will need to have the address changed by us. You will need to go to

Print the form, fill out the form, and fax the form to the number listed on the form. Be sure to check the appropriate boxes for the email address(es) you need changed. Once we recieve the fax from you, your email address will be changed, and you can use the "Lost Password" forms above to get your usernames/passwords sent to you.


When trying to log into manage my hosting, I get taken back to a login page. What is causing this?

This is happening because you do not have cookies and javascript enabled in your browser settings. Please double check that you have cookies and javascript enabled in your browser's settings, or use an alternate browser for logging in. .


Where can I find more information about using the hosting (hsphere) control panel?

Please click below for videos on using the hosting control panel:
--> Hsphere Videos