AntiSpamPRO - Protect Your Email From Spam and Viruses

Incoming Email Protection

Only $3 per month per domain


How Important is Your Email to You?

Electronic mail is mission-critical for businesses of all sizes.

Email productivity, availability, quality, and compliance are core issues for all companies. Businesses simply cannot function efficiently without reliable email.

Are You Tired of the Hassle of Spam, Viruses, and Junk Email?

The most serious threat to productivity and resource efficiency in email communication is SPAM.

Today more than 85% of all electronic mail Traffic is a waste of time, consisting of spam, malicious threats, or offensive material. Businesses are under siege from increasingly sophisticated networks of criminal hackers, spammers, and phishers. In addition, you now have to manage email communications to protect your intellectual property (IP), be proactive against lawsuits, and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates, like Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP), State Information Privacy Acts, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Due to various reasons such as financial gain, ideology or simply mischief, the motivation for hackers, spammers and criminals is huge. Thus the AntiSpamPRO service is an absolute “must have” for any email intensive organization today whether it be for business use or personal use.

What Does AntiSpamPRO Do to Protect You?

Incoming Email Protection

Ensures your email is free from threats and junk mail.
Keeps your company compliant and productive.
Blocks spam, viruses, phishing, and email threats.
Provides sophisticated message management and policy enforcement.
Gives you back your time lost due to distracting spam and inappropriate communications.

How Much Does AntiSpamPRO Cost?

Only $3 per month per domain

The AntiSpamPRO service is available at the reduced price of $3 per month per domain (all email accounts on your domain will be protected)

How Can I Enable AntiSpamPRO?

You can now easily enable AntiSpamPRO on your domain from within your Hosting account!

Log into your Hosting Account.
Click on the Email icon.
Click the "OFF" icon to the right of AntiSpamPRO.
Agree to the charges and Submit

AntiSpamPRO: Incoming Email Protection From Spam and Viruses

Only $3 per month per domain